Capsicum Pots With Minced Tofu

Capsicum pots with minced Tofu

I love stuffing; it could be my Wardrobe, Parantha or Vegetables…I like the whole concept of stuffing hahaha.. No seriously! a simple chapati can be made interesting and delectable with potatoes or dal or paneer stuffing. Who so ever introduced the idea, must have been a genius. Initially stuffing technique was used for filling Chicken, […]

Indo Italian Fusion Salad

Indo- Italian veg salad

Salad…when you hear salad, your faces come down but trust me salads could be an interesting accompaniment & a wholesome meal both. What i like most about them is they are extremely refreshing, light on stomach & yes they are super duper healthy. So here is a power packed salad with high fibers & proteins, […]