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Paan or Mukhwaas is an Indian mouth freshener which is generally consumed after food for digestion and freshen up the breath. Paan or Mukhwaas is mostly famous in UP, Bihar, MP, Rajasthan region of India. In some parts it’s a tradition to serve paan in wedding ceremonies to groom and guests.

These days’ people don’t actually go to the Paanwala’s for having paan, coz we have other artificial mouth fresheners readily available at home or in our pockets or bags.

Well this batch I am making is actually for a friend, who asked for some complimentary chocolate give away as part of his packaging at the time of food delivery. My friend owns a food joint and delivers some scrumptious food in East Delhi. One should definitely pay a visit to‘The Masala Potli’ if really want to try some amazing variety of Soya chaap.

When he asked me to get some sample chocolate, I thought Paan Chocolate would be a great idea, as people would love to have something refreshing after food. So here I have twisted this traditional form of paan into more modern and delectable form. All those chocolate lovers be ready, this one is for you!

How To Make Paan Chocolate Mukhwaas Chocolate Betel Leaf Chocolate
How To Make Paan Chocolate Mukhwaas Chocolate Betel Leaf Chocolate

Paan Chocolate is a beautiful marriage of Paan and Chocolate; It’s fresh, its minty and yes its chocolatey. You have all the rich flavours together in this amalgamation of Paan and Chocolate, blended so well that it’s going to blast like an aromatic chocolate bomb in your mouth.

Chewy Paan and silky chocolate just makes an excellent combination(Sigh!)

You can make the Paan filling at home or if you want to ease out your job, just get a pack of dried paan from your local Paanwala. Trust me both tastes equally great. If you are making it with dried pan, just make sure to add some gulkand or rose petal sauce just to bind your dried pan mixture. Another thing you need to take care is tempering of chocolate, you need to have the right temperature in order to get that silky gooey chocolate coating. Here I am using dark chocolate with 70% coco, I don’t want my chocolate too sweet. One cup of dried paan mixture can yield a good batch of bite sized chocolates.

I know you can’t wait to try these cute little refreshing chocolate bites, before that get hold of the ingredients and process below 🙂

How to make Paan Chocolate
How to make Paan Chocolate

Ingredients & Quantity

  • 1 Cup dried paan mixture
  • 2 Cup dark compound chocolate (I used 70% coco compound chocolate)
  • 2-3 spoon Gulkand (Rose petal sauce)

How to cook?

  • For tempering chocolate, take a big bowl and fill it with water, place another bowl and place in the below bowl, like a double boiler
  • Now place the chocolate chunks in the bowl and let the chocolate melt.
  • Don’t let the chocolate boil, just maintain the temperature between 31C-32C (88F-90F) if you are using Bittersweet/ dark chocolate
  • Take the silicon chocolate mould of your favourite shape, I used star shape here
  • Once the chocolate is melted perfectly, place butter paper on your work space, place the silicon mould on it.
  • Pour the chocolate in the mould and generously cover all the sides. Just flip the mould upside down on the butter paper to get rid of excess chocolate
  • Now place the mould in refrigerator for 10 mins
  • Mix dried paan and gulkand together
  • Take out the freezed chocolate mould and place some amount of Paan mixture in the moulds, leave some space to pour another layer of chocolate
  • Pour the chocolate over them gently and let them set in the fridge again
  • After 10 mins your Paan chocolates are ready.
  • Gently de mould the Paan chocolates, pack them with wrapping paper and store in refrigerator
  • You can store them for 7-10 days in refrigerator

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