Plattershare – The Initial Milestone

Plattershare - The initial milestone

I remember the days when I didn’t have my own blog and I started creating recipes. I never thought I will have a website one day with so many recipes, but today I posses one and I am proud that I am serving some amazing recipes and experiences here.

Expressing yourself is very important, be it in any form, and its very important to get a right platform. Plattershare is one of those initial milestone and a place where my expressions started taking shape. I was exposed to a community where I was all surrounded by Foodies, Food lovers, Chefs, Home cooks and Food enthusiast. I found the right place at the right time.

Today when I got this opportunity to write about Plattershare, I am overwhelmed to put my expressions in words for this amazing platform called Plattershare.

My blog writing journey started from Plattershare, met some amazing people, now friends for life. I feel nostalgic, when I received my first recognition through this platform; people praised my writing, recipes and pictures I posted on Plattershare. I won some awards, rewards here and always got the feedback from the amazing team. Actually in a nut shell Pirate Of Kitchen started from Plattershare and from here my culinary journey begun.


I most amazing thing about the platform is they keep it alive, the team always keep working on towards something new and exciting for the members. Monthly contests, rewards, appreciations are always there which keeps one coming for more on this platform. They have some cool features like Emoji – which you can place on the articles, Instant Social sharing and the common wall, where you can see all the mouth watering recipes and articles at a glance.


Though posting an article/recipe could be a challenge at times, which could be improved which features like posting the entire recipe in one instance, Quick display your status on the common wall like facebook.

Last but not the least, I want to congratulate the entire team of Plattershare for working so hard towards building this exciting platform for all the food lovers. Keep rocking and keep fooding around.

Loads of Love!



4 thoughts on “Plattershare – The Initial Milestone

  1. Hey! So nice to see your other creative side. I liked the concept of Plattershare and wish all the very best 🙂

  2. Thank you Monika for the feedback and I am so happy to know that we hold a special place in your food
    blogging journey. We promise to make the platform lively always and would try to live upto your

    1. Thanx So much Kirti! Indeed Plattershare holds a special place in my heart and will always thank you and the team for kick starting my food journey.

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